Sheep Feedlotting Manual & Cheat Sheets

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What's included:

  • Feedlot Operator Manual (Boyd Automated Feedlot) - Detailed 19-page manual outlining the operations, troubleshooting and design considerations when building and operating an automated lamb feedlot. We have built and operated numerous sheep feedlots so know what works, what doesn’t, and where the smart money can be spent. This is an operator’s manual, not a manufacturer’s manual.
  • Feedlot Operating Checklist (Boyd Automated Feedlot) - A checklist to provide to team members working in the feedlot to ensure that operational and maintenance items are completed when required. Laminate and keep in vehicles.
  • Feedlot Operating Cheat Sheets (Boyd Automated Feedlot) -
    A cheat sheet to provide to team members working in the feedlot to refresh them on operating the feedlot and paddock fill control system. Laminate and keep on the inside of the control box door.

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