Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

AMC exists to enhance Australia’s agricultural productivity by providing tools and services to ambitious owners and founders.

“Enhance”: Enhancing is not just providing capital, advice or services, but having a complete understanding and belief in the company and the people doing the work.

“Australia’s”: As many of our clients will attest, we have a global perspective, although we are unequivocally Australian. We believe in the future of the Australian agribusiness sector and the ethics of those within the industry.

“Agricultural Productivity”: The single greatest challenge and opportunity for Australian agribusiness. We are continually curious, seeking ways to improve through innovation, technology, ingenuity and capital. There is always a better way!

“Partnering With”: We will only work with and alongside the best.

“Ambitious”: We want to work with the ambitious few that are aiming to change the face of Australian agribusiness.

“Owners and Founders”: Our job is to supplement great owners and founders to help them succeed.


 Our Values 

AMC is guided by core values and beliefs that influence our decisions, attitudes, behaviours and performance.

We wear workshirts
We are focussed on getting results on the ground and always will be. We pride ourselves on being able to practice what we preach, from pulling a bore to advising a Board on an acquisition.

We are continuously curious
Curiosity may have killed the cat; more likely the cat was just unlucky. We explore opportunities, are interested in the interesting and ask plenty of questions! Whilst curiosity is good, we pull up short of poking a Brown Snake just to see what happens…

We believe there is always a better way
Pressure testing the status quo is important. As a result of our curious ways, we often come up with better ways to get things done.

We are big fans of great owners and founders
Owners and founders come first, they are our reason for being. We work for the owners and founders. Our reputation is everything and we will guard it relentlessly.

We respect heritage
We respect the heritage and beliefs of our clients in Australia and overseas. We conduct ourselves in a respectful manner at all times.

We believe reputation is everything
Everything we do, we do with integrity, in a way that you’d be happy for your grandchildren to read about. We have a responsibility to operate in the best interests of our clients, owners and founders. We take pride in acting with independence, accountability and transparency. We are compliant with regulations and pay our taxes. We will always question the questionable. We have pride for ourselves, our job and our land