• Simple, effective farm management tools and calculators to make profitable decisions and manage records.

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How do you make money feeding sheep?

Cost-of-gain is the single largest contributor to profit or loss. In fact, I'm running a webinar that will cover: feeding sheep for performance and managing cost-of-gain; how to analyse the profitability of a sheep trade using confinement feeding or feedlots; and common mistakes to avoid when running the numbers.



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Make profitable decisions for your farm

We use a range of software, apps and automation technology in our farm operations to coordinate and gather data however they have gaps... Over 15 years, we have developed a range of tools that take that information and allow us to make profitable decisions and keep thorough records.

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The Sheep Feedlot calculator is amazing. Quite simply, it takes the guess work out of your feedlot operation. I’m able to work through a number of scenarios. It’s simple, quick and allows me to make fast decisions if needed, or look at the necessary variations that seasons can throw at you and how that affects the bottom line. Love it.

Amanda, Gin Gin NSW

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