Our Operations

We operate 15,000 DSE and 750 hectares of dual-purpose cropping across 2,500 hectares of owned and leased properties in central New South Wales. Our home property is "Boridgeree" located on the Belubula River near Canowindra which we purchased in 2019.

Boridgeree, Canowindra NSW

Boridgeree is an 850 hectare property located in central NSW focussed on irrigated lucerne hay production, dual-purpose cropping and prime sheep production. Boridgeree operates a Haddon Rig blood self-replacing merino flock and a cross-bred flock producing wool and prime lambs.

Boridgeree has a 4,000 head automated sheep feedlot and improved pasture system that turns off up to 16,000 lambs per annum. Boridgeree is owned by Charlie Blomfield and Eleanor Falkiner.

Key initiatives include:

  • Automation of centre pivot irrigation systems and improving water use efficiency
  • Implementation of a dual-purpose cropping system for grazing, hay and cash crops
  • Design and development of a 4,000 head automated sheep feedlot system