Hay Inventory & Sales Record (US Version)

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The Hay Inventory & Sales Record keeps track of key growing information, various lots of hay, quality information and sales, giving you an accurate inventory throughout the season. Save time keeping track of what hay has been sold and what you have on hand to sell. Developed by farmers for farmers. Customised for US farmers.

What's included:

  • Hay Inventory - Record hay production details, cutting/baling dates, tonnage, yields, storage locations, bale in/contracted/out to show availability, values and quality details. 
  • Sales Register - Record of hay sales which can be reconciled with production information in the Hay Inventory and accounting software.
  • Freight Register - information on how much hay fits on various truck combinations and a place to record your freight operator details and rates.
  • Quote Template - easy-to-use and customisable quote template to supply ex-farm and delivered quotes to customers.

How it works: 

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