Lamb Marking 2020

Are you about to start lamb marking or interested in the process? Here’s a short video of our 2020 program & animal health treatments. 

We are mulesing our merino ewe lambs this year as we don’t have an alternative in our conditions to prevent fly strike. Our mulesing is as light as possible and we are using multi-day topical and injectable pain relief and anti-inflammatory products.

Each year we look to the latest technology, management practices and genetics to make improvements to our system. We joined the SustainaWool accreditation scheme in 2019 and look forward to continuing to produce sustainable and ethical merino wool and sheep meat.

Haddon Rig is managing the entire 2020 drop poll merino ewes unmulesed to refine the management practices required to keep them healthy and free of fly. The additional management includes crutching twice and additional treatments to prevent fly. It may also be possible to move to an 8 month shearing with a single crutching in between.

Merino studs and breeders continue to progress producing sheep that have less wrinkle or a bare breach which would remove the need to mules. This will be a great outcome when achieved.




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